We Raise Funds For Tech Related School Projects In Guyana

Fundgt.com is a STEMGuyana project that was created to fund the STEM club needs of students in all regions of Guyana. We are appealing to all Guyanese, whether home or in the diaspora to make a contribution; whether small or large, to any project that you care about.

We thank you in advance for your support.

Latest Projects

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    HelpGuyana in collaboration with IDPADA-G & GTT are working to empower vulnerable families in Guyana. We are looking for partners who are interested in investing in our nation's at risk families. Our policy is to empower vulnerable families in order to help to improve their life situation and help move them out of poverty. To that end, we have created a directory of small vendors at http://helpguyana.com, and we are asking you to support them. We are also supplying worksheets and answer sheets to students who do not have internet access, computers or tablets and we provide seedlings to families to make them more food secure. Join our movement to "teach our people how to fish!" Guyana's development requires the contribution of every single citizen, we must leave no one behind!
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    STEMGuyana is raising funds to support 30 of our existing 70 STEM clubs. Many of these clubs were funded by sponsors in 2019 but still have to be maintained annually by replacing or upgrading equipment and paying stipends for club leaders who provide technical support to our excited young students. Please make a donation to this effort and help to bring opportunity to talent everywhere in Guyana. Let's help to make Guyanese children globally competitive. The nation will appreciate your contribution. #BuildGuyana
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