We Raise Funds For Tech Related School Projects In Guyana

Fundgt.com is a STEMGuyana project that was created to fund the STEM club needs of students in all regions of Guyana. We are appealing to all Guyanese, whether home or in the diaspora to make a contribution; whether small or large, to any project that you care about.

We thank you in advance for your support.

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    Extreme rainfall and pervasive drainage problems have conspired to subject thousands of Guyanese citizens in all 10 regions of Guyana to devastating floods. Citizens have lost cash crop, livestock, home appliances, and their very livelihoods as many communities have endured water levels of as high as 14ft (Kwakwani). Our HelpGuyana.com app is collecting household information along with specific needs of citizens in communities across Guyana so that we can help to bring EFFICIENT relief to burdened citizens. Please donate whatever you can. All proceeds except for financial processing fees will be donated directly to our victim fund.
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