STEMGuyana is an initiative which was founded by Stanford University Sophomore Ima Christian, Cornell University Freshman Asha Christian, and IT Consultant, Karen Abrams.  The initiative was created to inspire and prepare Guyanese youth for a future in the new technology economy.

The team, with the financial support from diaspora nd local sponsors has been working on a list of projects which is identified below.

1) Summer 2016 – STEMGuyana successfully launched a series of Lego Mindstorm robot building and programming camps for over two hundred students at four different locations in Guyana.

2) February 2017 – Launched mathematics practice tablet and smart telephone app for grade six students in Guyana who continue to struggle with mathematics.  More than three thousand students from every region in Guyana, have downloaded the grade 6 app since its release at the beginning of March 2017.  [in process of upgrading app]

3) In progress – We are preparing to launch a crowd funding platform for teachers and classrooms in Guyana so that students across the country would no longer suffer from poor instruction due to a lack of classroom resources. The platform will enable donors to fund specific schools if they prefer.
4) July 2017 – We are preparing a group of local students for the First Robot Olympics, scheduled for July 14 – 16, 2017 in Washington DC.
5) Summer 2017 – Drone & Robot building and programming camp planned.
6) Rollout of mock examination app which teachers will be able to use to immediately to identify student strengths and weaknesses in mathematics, then later for other classes.  Today, teachers have no way to customise or target instruction for their students.

7) We also have planned the introduction of a computer programming league for students at the primary and secondary school levels in Guyana.

Our work has been embraced by the office of the First Lady of Guyana, Sandra Granger. She is our Patron and leading Sponsor of all of our activities.  To be truly successful in inspiring Guyana’s youth to achieve their full potential, we will need additional financial support to meet our operational expenses in Guyana.  If you are interested in making a contribution, please click here to donate.

We will add all donors to our wall of fame and we thank you in advance for joining Team STEMGuyana.


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